Viva Vega

Vega City opens today with shopping and housing options amidst a lovely mountain and lake terrain.

Somewhat tropical, white and pastel buildings blend with vast water for a peaceful feel.

Upscale homes are available for rent: zip around to the BACK of each to find the rental info.  Fully furnished highrise apartments can also be found.

There are plenty of entertainment and lounging areas in the sim. 

My posh attire is from BAIASTICE for Uber.  The Draped Mini Dress comes in Spring tones, jewel tones and basics and can of course be worn without the Venus Leggings Boots. The boots with leggings are available in coordinating colors and work fine with mesh bodies (no feet).

Hair: Peggy by MINA

Poses by: Diesel Works

Back in Time

Still on vacation I give you a bit of nostalgia from March 27 of other years.


Why I Blog - a Berry meme from 2013
And a VIDEO from a post that same day.

Evidently another vacation occurred in 2012 :D. 

Acha's group goodbye photo 2011. Happily she did eventually return.

A little group exorcism with Chandra and gang.

This was pretty darn cute for six years ago!

Me, Myself and I Meme

Sceenshot from my film "Elusive"
I too am on vacation this week but Berry's meme theme is definitely something I want (and need) to do. It has been an extremely wild and bumpy 2015. I don't expect it to calm down any time soon even though I wish it so.  

Just not in the stars.

Anyway, here are my quick as a bunny hopping across the waiting room at the psychiatrist's answers.

I am... strong, smart and talented
I want... a rest period from the drama now and then
I have... friends that I cherish
I wish... for peace in the world
I hate... inequality
I fear... having to trust in the future
I search... for direction even when it seems I have found it
I wonder... if giving too much is a wise thing
I regret... very few things in my life
I never... say goodbye well
I always... try to see the best in people
I usually... manage TO see the best in people
I dance... not enough these days
I sing... along with songs that speak to me
I often... forget breakfast and lunch when in creative mode
I sometimes... drink like a winery owner
I cry... more than I would like these days
I need... a small light shining at the end of the tunnel
I should... sometimes think before I leap
I love...not all that wisely