Street Life

Love for sale?

Well perhaps a shadow --  and for some shadows are enough.

Who is the victim?  The young girl away from home by choice or circumstance?  The man who would rather pay than take a risk with his emotions?

A quick fix; commodities bought and sold. 

Caught in a filigree web which reaches back through history, others watch and frown and point fingers; when in many ways they help write the story.

As the sun announces the end of her performance, she walks in the dusky dawn towards a home that holds no solace, simply a brief escape of sleep and the momentary facade of safety.

From Ducknipple:  the Wortel set. Skirt and top are separate with a multi hud to change colors of either as well as ties and string belt.  The detailing is impressive and the Lara alpha layers happily let me set areas for a perfect match for both skirt and top. Busty gals will have a time with the brief top. Happily I am not in that crowd. Sizing runs true to a bit large.

From MEVA for Cosmopolitan Coins jewelry. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are available in both silver and gold.

Shoes: lassitude & ennui Lucy heels black

Hair: eXxEsS : MILVA

Poses by: Vista Animations

Pink Sunrise

Pink Sunrise

Full sized photo here.

Some of you have likely noted that I am no longer posting on the weekends. Instead I have been taking some personal time which of course is good and something friends have been urging me to do for ---- well "ages" pretty much covers it.

I have been working on my photography skills and I have decided to post my favorite photo of the week on Sunday's.  For how long? No one knows.

Uber Time!

"Rustic" never looked so good over at Uber!  A quick tour turns up plenty of niche items, a great three layered jacket and shirt set for the guys at Cold Ash, and of course lots of goodness from some of my favorite designers.

I had already decorated my new bedroom, but hey -- that is why they invented the word "REdecorating". And I did just that yesterday morning.

These are just a few pieces from large releases at the Trompe Loeil and Cheeky Pea booths. Be sure and check out ALL the goodness as there is much to find, gather and take home.

The bed, dresser and "camp chair" are from Trompe Loeil, parts of the Cassia Glamping Set. Here is a photo of the complete set.

The "You Had Me At Hello" lighted photo board is just one part of a huge set from Cheeky Pea, Heart on a Wire.

Need to hide from the world?  Well this wardrobe from the Heart on a Wire set is perfect.  I have to add a personal note here. Living in a role play area is obviously much like living in a mobile home park. There IS no privacy. As I was typing just now after taking this photo, someone IMed me to role play. Sure he was seeing me "hiding". So funny. I see many interesting adventures in store for Chica.

The Aimee Dress from Baiastice can take you dancing of course, but it is also -- in my mind at least, a superb nightie. Super silky, it fits me like a dream.   Also at UBER.

Hair: eXxEsS Milva

Poses by: Vista Animations and the wardrobe