Manly Stuff

If you have a guy that is wardrobe challenged -- and one that is a cowboy at heart, 20.FIVE has a new ONE PIECE outfit that might be perfect. One mesh addition and and alpha and they are set. Well the hat is separate of course. Now this will not work for all guys, it is designed for the smaller members of the sex (no XL size and runs small), so be sure and check out a demo. A vest comes with for the cold winter mornings.

These poses are from flowey at the Mens Dept. You have just a bit of time left to get over and pick these up.

I know how hard it is to make realistic poses for the guys -- well maybe not so much if you ARE a guy, but still -- these are very realistic.

Poses by: flowey @ Mens Dept

Beautifully Champagne

Just out from ISON, the "leather trim dress". Beautifully detailed, it comes in many lovely colors.

I was in a champagne mood (now when really am I NOT in a champagne mood?). I added a matching hued hair from eXxeSs and journeyed over to the lovely and still empty building by Barnesworth Annubis.

This is a ladylike lower mid thigh skirt. Dress it up or wear it to a business meeting (glasses would be good -- you don't want too many passes).

Bracelet by Fusion
Pose by: oOo Studio

Coffee and Cigarettes

22769 ~ [bauwerk]  has a new  Bistro Set out for the L'Amitie Summer Market. It comes with some great animations as well as coffee and sandwich (whole wheat of course; we want to stay healthy). I downsized the table a bit for these photos and added the really excellent astray and cigarette prop from a 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  main store recent release.

There are some lovely details in this set. Quite posh and European.

My outfit is newly out from 20.FIVE and made up of separates (color change by hud of course). The Cami Top and Skinny Jeans (just above the ankle and fit nicely with some rigged mesh boots) are perfect for summer weather.

Shoes by ArisAris
Hair by MINA

Poses by: the chair and PRETENSE from the new Bikini Lovin set