Pose of the Week: 8 - 1

I have always loved this pose. It get's your attention. Simple with a statement.

Baiastice Roxette Dress Fuchsia (new at FaMESHed)

Pose by: Diesel Works - Julie 5

Paleoquest - A Beginner's Guide

Paleoquest , the new Linden Game opened yesterday. Emails are going out and I seemed to get one of the first ones, even though I am not a premium member. Press, perhaps has it advantages OR serendipity was in play -- or perhaps simply that my last name starts with "A". However that invite came my way, I of course wanted to see what was up.

Lani, being the primo Realms gal, was the obvious choice to check out the new theme park. Part Jurassic, part Linden Realms, there are quests to complete and then artifacts to find. This is much like a remake of the Realms which opened almost four years ago (how time flies!).

The build is certainly a step above the Realms and there is a definite "Disney" feel to the entry area with long ramps, welcome areas, tropical flowers ala Adventureland boad ride. A tutorial area is in the welcome center should you need it.

The action takes place in various areas, five spots reached by monorail. You need to complete the quests in order and it appears that you get paid when you have completed each quest (one payout per week). So this is much like the original realms where you collected crystals, made flares and lit canons, all to gain 25 linden. You DID learn a lot along the way and that was the point.

The monorails run at two minute intervals so if you miss one you will have a wait a bit.

The ride is quite lovely and very realistic. Getting off at the first stop seemed wise (and was) but I missed that there were stairs to go DOWN (difficult to see) and took the teleporter instead (bad plan). I somehow ended up on the monorail platform again and after waiting a bit hopped back on. It was then I noted that the train told you the upcoming stop in chat. So I road around the rest of the circle enjoying a glimpse of the adventures and then was catapulted off when the train got back to the station.

A short run got me back to my original monorail entry point and the second time I found the stairs!  This took me to the beginning of Quest One which is about finding a mask and then returning it to a place inside the pyramid.  I did well until I had to tightrope walk. I am sure there is a trick to getting ALL the way across the wire, but after a few tries I decided I had had enough adventure and information to pass along.

OK. This part was VERY confusing since I was going from the video instructions. I am lining out my original remarks and putting in the note left (see comments). I will head over to test this later:

Hey! Quickly wanted to let you know, that it's not one quest per week. All 5 Quests are playable at all time, but you can only get the reward for finishing all 5 Quests once.Which is quite understandable I think, cause it's 100l$ you can make there :o! You also don't have to finish the Quests before you can collect or cash in collectables.You can collect them on all regions at any time :D

You MUST complete the quest before you can collect and turn in eggs (think crystals if you are a REALMS fan). There are blue and pink eggs and you run through them just like the crystals. They don't COUNT however until you have completed the quest for that area.  Some eggs in Quest One are small, some large.  They are easy enough to get, but of course there will be others after the eggs, not just you.

So if you are a gamer, the obvious plan would be to complete the quests as fast as you can (one per week) so that by week five you could be "part" of the elite bunch questing for artifacts in the last area. 

You DO need to complete each of the five quests IN ORDER; the monorail reminds you of that. You need 20 collectables (eggs, feathers, crystals) in order to turn them in at the station AND if you get killed you lose the collectables you have gathered and need to start over. 

Experience keys are in use and there is a warning that some AOs may interfere with some of the animations needed to complete quests.


On my second trip I visited some of the other quest areas and was mightily impressed in that sim designer kind of way. They have done a very nice job here. I did note that in areas with lots of avatars such as Quest One, lag was a problem even with shadows turned off. So along with the impressiveness comes some issues. Most places ran very smoothly.

And you get $1 for every 20 blue crystals. With loosing them each time a tree, rock, quicksand, fireball gets you, this is likely not a big money maker. It IS a challenge however :D. 

Challenge 30 - Electronics

Hard to believe but this is the 30th round for The Challenge. How time flies!  I have been along for the ride and it has been great fun seeing how the designers (sometime me too) use the theme to create new works each month.

This month's theme is Electronics.

Long ago and far away we had "regular" cameras. A few folks still use film and developing, but most of us are now in the digital age. From ::NEWCHURCH:: a great set of cameras with lots of detail.

Now these spiffy cameras are a bit primmy (7-10) but they are also mod and if you are a gal or guy with a tiny bit of building experience it is very easy to attach the rezzable cameras as pose props. And that of course is JUST what I did.

I made a fairly nice camera when I was first learning mesh and along the way a collection of camera poses; hence I was set for that part of the photo shoot. Now this cutie is much finer detailed than my one prim wonder of long ago; great for close up shots and all sorts of shenanigans.

It also comes with a strap.  Rez it, wear it, enjoy it!

Fashion credits:

SLC Mesh Bandana Summer Top satin white
Vanity Hair:Waimea (Aloha Fair)

Poses by: Photographique :D