Vintage Posh

Vintage Posh

Some striking garments come together for a fun uptown look -- vintage style.

From PLASTIX at Tres Chic, the Posh Dress with form fitting long sleeves and a suede like fabric that feels really cozy!  Phisique, Hourglass and Maitreya. Many colors to choose from or a fatpack with hud.

The Dahlia  Oxford St.  Necklace, also at Tres Chic is just gorgeous. There is a cuff style bracelet also and many texture change options within color family groupings.  If you love vintage, but sure and take a closer look at this beauty.

My faux fur is an Advent gift from a couple of years back; still looks great from Letluka.

Hair: =DeLa*= Bento Mesh Hair "Melina"  also at Tres Chic

Pose by: Eternal Dream

Tres Chic

Tres Chic

Find these new releases at Tres Chic. With many color choices you can find your perfect style.

Casadel "Brooke" Jacket, skirt and top. Beautiful detailing and the top is a definite wardrobe basic.

.::Nanika::. Sunglasses Michele

RAMA.SALON - Suzanne Hair

Also new, some very pretty nails in three soft colors and various patterns. These are a gift from alaskametro at Candy Fair. This is a lovely set for Maitreya, Slink and Omega.

Poses by:

Art and Nature



It comes in all forms.

From cinphul // gotrik [solstice] trees at On9. These are simply gorgeous and finely detailed with long LODs for distance viewing. They are "primmy" but if you have some to spare, definitely worth the look.

From CAROL G, the Finesse tattoo in black, white and red for most mesh bodies -- also at On9. Various densities of ink are a plus. This tattoo goes up into the neck area. MY Lelutka head is an old one so there is no way this can happen for me.

Still, it is a gorgeous tattoo and so I add a spiffy rigged choker from Amacci, the  Yara - Double Choker with color change hud.  Perfect for tattoos on old heads or ones without applier OR for that sometimes nasty neck to body seam when skins don't match perfectly.

MY "censored" band is part of a fishnet top set by Nerido at Cosmopolitan. The fishnet tops are very nice, but to my mind, the star of the show is that band LOL. So fun!

R.icielli - PEYTON Shorts
*TKW* Drexler hair

Pose from Helamiyo's "Chic" set at The Chapter Four


I love going back in time -- fashion-wise.

Over at Rewind you can do just that!

From Baiastice, the Lauren lingerie pack  with pointy bra and girdle (so glad those aren't a real life thing any longer). Many colors to choose from with both solid and sheer styles.

The beaded curtain (one of many styles and colors) from The Half Moon Market at Gacha Garden as some exotic to the scene.


Pose by: Eternal Dream

Dance Studio

dance studio time out

There is a new dance studio pose prop in town.

20 single poses, two groups of up to four sync poses and a option to change the sky textures or see the actually sky behind the windows.

Ten land impact with baked textures, it is a fun addition to your blogging or vendor photo environments.  Discounted for the November event

Find it at On9 at the ChiC building area.

My super comfy dance and lounging togs hale from this round of Cosmopolitan.  The Scandalize. Megan sweats and top have a variety of textures to choose from with the ties in mix or match mode. There is also a sleeved version of the top.

Maitreya, Belleza, Slink fits.


Poses by: ChiC buildings

Gates and Shadows

Gate and Shadows

Out for Hello Tuesday, a messy pulled back curly hair from no.match. Look for the blondes; No Snow.

Zarina top by Mowie and Belted Leather skirt by Baiastice.

And over at On9 there are some stunning and ladylike earrings reminiscent of flowers in Spring.  Look for Virgila (various colors of course) at the Kungler's booth -- towards the right.

Makeup by alaskametro.

Poses by: grafica

Sun and Snow

Sun and Snow

For those of you that have never lived in a high desert area this photo may seem improbably. Actually, it is not -- and that is the joy of living in a dry and sunny climate at 7,000 feet. You can lunch outside in winter. The rock patio holds the heat of the bright sun.

Hiking in snow in early February, coffee cup and conversation in an outdoor cafe with snow boots but no jackets? Yep, it is possible.

New releases in my photo include.

Meva's Bridget pants from Rewind. Plains and patterns, the top and shorts are separate pieces for fun styling options. Maitreya fit.

My hair is the new -FABIA- Mesh Hair  available at The Chapter Four.

The DJ  / SF Arbor Gate comes in both rustic and light and can be found with matching benches at On9.

The Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage is perfect for the snow season with optional snow add ons and now super easy installation for the non-builder folks. Rez your house. Rez your snowy roof an snow piles and with two clicks you are done!  Easy.

The interior is one "L" shaped room with lovely textures and a bit of a rustic fantasy flare. Feeling in need of some personal homey space, I have this set up in the sky and plan to decorate as time permits.

Available at Collabor88.

There is a version with large patio that could easily work up in the sky, or place the just house version as I did on a pad or the [Cb] Walkable Hills.  I am using the 64x64 version here.  The house by itself will fit on a 1024.

The wonderful snowy [DDD] Twinkling Flower Bushes are one texture choice in a bit set from Dysfunctional Designs. A "must have" for the snowy season.

Makeup: Rose Gold by alaskametro

Pose by: aDORKable

Free Avatar Makeover with eBody Mesh Body

Long ago and far away Gogo put out a blogger challenge to make a brand new avatar (so not cheating as you wouldn't have any inventory yet) and get him or her decked out and spiffy for -- I think it was under $100 lindens. Nope, looking up the original post, it was $550 lindens. Lani came in at $0.

There were a lot more good hunts then so that made it pretty easy.

And that brings us to today.

eBody is giving away a $1 mesh body. It is "curvy" which translates into voluptuous in my vernacular -- too much woman for me.  Since the new body is indeed NEW there are no clothes for it. For the most part, even the full version body can pretty much only use applier clothes IF you want to be hourglass in shape.

You can of course make a less than realistic shape underneath the body to tone down those curves and I did just that. But what happens with exiting mesh clothing? The answer to that great look in the lead photo is "going back in time" to standard sizing.

The BAD part about standard sizing in many people's minds was that it gave everyone the same shape. Yep. BUT if you are after a more streamlined silhouette without any lindens spent, standard is your friend.

The body happily comes with alpha slots making it actually usable, but they are big ones.

By turning off  the body I could let the clothes to restrict the shape underneath. I needed either a turtleneck to hide the neck seam (no appliers for the free body) or a collar. Actually with this look, the body section isn't needed at all.

While I went for a covered up winter casual pants look, you can see that a long sleeved dress would work well too.  You just need to find the style that fits with the right lengths and such.  The free Wednesday dress at CoCo is an example of that style. It needs a scarf to fill in some "air" but that is doable and the new free one from Hilly Haalan might work very well (I haven't checked that yet, but if you are a dress gal, you might want to.

By the way shoes are no issue at all as Slink fits perfectly.

Lots of shopping and Marketplace looking and lots of demos later I had this look. The total cost was $125 for the cardigan sweater to pull the look together and $1 for the body. You can use the underneath sweater alone if you so choose making this a $1 avatar.

I didn't bother getting new eyes or skin or AO. All of those were already in inventory and had been free. I am guessing that 7 Deadly S[k]ins will have a group holiday advent event this year and I may be able to find a different system skin in a darker shade than she is wearing. If not, this works too.

It took me most of a day to complete this project and it was an adventure.

So that YOU don't have to work quite so hard, here are a few place you can look for current gifts that will work.

Delrio hair gift at Hairology 2nd birthday by *TUKINOWAGUMA

Shark Tooth Earrings from Prey - an SLO&F gift.


*COCO* Gift Turtleneck

*COCO* CowichanSweater(Grey)  $125 (optional)

PREY - Chrispy Jeans Lara (group gift)

Entice - Baby, It's Cold Outside Boots - Tan UNRIGGED

Here is another example. Note there is a tiny bit of "air" near the collar but you get the idea :D.

Wednesday Dress from Coco

Hairology gift from no.match (hair) and Pink Hustler (darling -- and needed -- choker)

Essenz gift at Gacha Garden.

Poses by: ChiC buildings

FLF- Anhelo Kerosene Heater.

My first piece of furniture placed in my new abode (the Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage at Collabor88 and more on that soon) is the --ANHELO-M44GR-17BGA :: kerosene heater.

Both beyond gorgeous with those beautiful Maya baked textures, you can pick up the heater at Fifty Linden Friday prices - today.

So get moving!

Psst -- there are also some matching gas can outs as a group gift; right at the landing point by the heater.

Simply Spectacular

I have some pretty spectacular new items in my inventory this month. Simple things. Classy things. Creative things. It all works. Slink and Maitreya fits, with eight furs, it is the nicest I have seen. From *AGATA*, the Laila fur Jacket at Cosmopolitan.

There is a dress in the set too, but I opted to put my new warm and cuddly over a sweater from Valentina E., the Sara top and skirt can be found in the 2 for 1 room at The Chapter Four.   Plenty of colors to choose from. Maitreya fit.

The beautifully crafted and detailed Sari-Sari - Wall Wardrobe is one of two versions (the other black) that can be found at The Chapter Four two for one room.

Back over at Cosmopolitan you can find some unusual accent pieces for your home. From PAN a hydroponics indoor garden and from Lucas Lameth, a finely detailed candle scene. Both these designers pay great attention to detail!

Pose by: an lar

Final Exit

Goodness abounds and my inventory is full of great things to show you. Here are a few.

From Seniha at Cosmopolitan, the Anabel Velvet Dress with many colors available by hud. Maitreya and Slink fits.

Also at Cosmopolitan, the .::Supernatural::. Lena Set, also color change by hud. Manual mod for sizing.

My makeup is from alsakametro (Wytch - a fav) and hair is eXxEsS : TOFFEE.

Over at a rip roaring round of Gacha Garden you can find these Essenz - Barcelona heels. So snazzy!  There is a pair as at Gimme Gacha group gift (free group).

My top photo is actually a vendor shot from a pose prop product that was supposed to release in a couple of days. Something else just as nice took it's place so this is on the back burner for now. My friend is wearing an older gift of a coordinating color. No longer available, sorry.

Poses by: ChiC buildings



The Chapter Four is open with lots and lots of goodness to be had. Some of my favorites of this round are highlighted here.

From KOM (klara original mesh), Kale Jeans with texture change hud for jean colors and one pattern, belt and rag. The detailing is phenomenal and quirky and you know how I like quirky.

My FABIA Mesh Hair, Carly, is a perfect accompanyment. Two other very cute styles our out for your perusal, so click that demo button and see what works best for ya. The cap has a texture change hud with both patterns and plains.

And then there is the Moonshine Shack from Never Totally Dead.  This is the rare (well of COURSE it is) in a gacha set. Simply gorgeous textures and lovingly made mesh with extra details, it is well worth trying for.  There are some nice items to pick up along the way to getting your new abode including tools, ladders, a still, art and the list goes on.

Pose by: Everglow

Snow Daze

Snow Daze

Gray days and snowflakes, it is getting to be that time of year for many of us. If you want to keep warm in style, the Hilly Haalan - Julianne Outfit v3 will do just that. Two coats (brown and beige) with both mesh body and standard sizing fits. The set comes with hat and a pretty spectacular scarf wrap -- as well as a stylish brown handbag and booties (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink).

All this at Hello Tuesday prices!

While you are shopping the Hello Tuesday bargains, be sure and stop by Cosmopolitan where you can find this lovely aged gazebo, perfect for all seasons. The Spargel & Shine Homes Amoret Gazebo might tax your prim limits but if you have an extra fifty land impact points to spare, it is really lovely.

AND as serendipity would have it, there is a lovely matching (Adult) chair at the MyBOXiD booth.

Snowy trees by Little Branch
Snowy bushes: [DDD] Twinkling Flower Bushes
Snowy City Surround - curved mesh and up to 64 x 64 by ChiC buildings

Hair: After Dark but Vanity Hair

Pose by: Di's Opera

Monday Meme - Google Yourself

Well your avatar self of course. Happily this will keep me awake for awhile after daylight savings change :D

In that incognito window I find:

1. 101,000 entries on Chic Aeon.

2. First five links are Blog, YouTube, Marketplace, Facebook (which I don't use) and Google+ which I no longer use but was very active when in Opensim.

The images that come up are these:

They are:

  • The logo for my intermediate Blender tutorials.
  • My blog profile picture
  • The photo from my Terradale blog (current LEA Artists in Residence installation) -- actually NO that is not from the blog, that is the open house announcement from September. No idea where that came from. 
  • The title shot from a machinima of a few years back
  • Something someone posted on Pinterest (who knew?) from LONG ago.
  • A photo from Halloween a few years ago in Opensim (this was featured on so I think that is were it came from)


The videos come up are my YouTube channel, Blender tutorial (this year), Folding Time (2015 video for UWA contest) and more tutorials and UWA videos

For news, there are articles from OpenSim:

I am not particularly surprised by any results although the only news that came up was from Opensim and that is a little odd to me.   OH, I guess I AM surprised for Facebook to show up in my top search results. I am guessing folks are maybe posting there and it "looks" active while it is not.

For a long while Google was posting "for" me on Google Plus putting in lots of blog photos as well and adding all my YouTube videos to the list, so possible something like that. NEVER write me at Facebook. I haven't been there in MANY years *wink*. It is all smoke and mirrors.

This was fun but didn't take long enough. STILL, not time to go to bed on by the new clock numbers.

I may cheat and turn in early :D.

A Forest Morn

forest walk

It is indeed a good round over at the Gacha Garden!

From lassitude & ennui - right at the entrance - a fun and very sexy fantasy set.  The bikini  is one piece (so one pull) and the sandals are another. Wear together or mix and match the many colors to choose from.

Some lusciously smooth hair (three styles) can be found at the {Limerence} stand. Dreada is the style name. Various hair texture huds are available.

Poses by: aDORKable and Di's Opera


A quick post on a lovingly detailed and super cute new release from {what next}, the Colonna Chocolate Station.

From the notecard as I am super busy with "buildin' stuff" and this is so much fun. There are texture change options for both woods and door fronts.

Perfect for those chilly days ahead!

- it's a 12+ piece set designed for Fall through Winter 

* sold as a full set (25% off) or individual pieces

* What Next VIP group members can purchase for 50% from VIP vendors until Tues evening

* coffee bar wall decor sold separately - not in the set

* cider/chocolate/cookie dispensers have Bento props (and non Bento too)
give out cider, hot chocolate and a cookie 

* each piece is 1 -3LI - total 17 -19 depending on which decor used

* separate box of optional extras included (such as Christmas themed dispenser & plain mug version)

Gacha Gifting and Meme

It looks like we are memeless this week over at Berry's (nope, one showed up later) but I decided to meme a little anyway. See my person meme below Berry's.

The official answers:

I have been blogging since January 2008.

I was asked by an established blog if I would join them, after they took a photo of me wearing a freebie gift.

I post most days a week now with weekends off. In the past I posted twice a day. My record is six posts in one day during a big event.

Traffic is not monitored; monetization not embraced; mission statement ignored. Simple works for me.

Blogging has given me lots and lots of practice with photography. I also apparently type very fast now; not something that was an inherent skill.

My tips for new bloggers? 

Well the SL blogging world has changes a lot over the last decade. Good photography is still key though and learning how to use and adjust your Windlight settings is very important.

I would also like to suggest that most designers are not all that thrilled with photos that are so very cluttered there is no point of interest (well perhaps the blogger's pretty face, but no highlighted product). So perhaps more close up photos with less "stuff" would be something to think about -- or a full shot and then close ups.

Personally I would advise against falling into the "you must blog" trap that so many designer groups have. There are bound to be a few things -- no matter how great and popular the designer is -- that A. Will not fit or B. has nothing to do with your style  or C. is NOT what your readers will appreciate. Decide what you blog is about and keep to your theme. Above all, be true to yourself.

My personal thoughts of the week intro. 

Actually meme apparently has a LOT of different meanings. I am going with the one that has to do with memories this time out.

I pretty much started out as a freebie blogger. Actually back then there were no blogger groups or review copies. One of my first "blogger packs" (they weren't called that then) was from Long Awkward Pose -- and honestly I was in heaven. I still have some of those poses.

Because so my of my history is connected to lucky chairs and hunts and such, I still check out gifts and prizes even though my inventory is now nicely rounded and fairly full. To that end I present some of the November gifts from Gimme Gacha's Gacha Garden opening November 1.

This will be my third month as a Gimme Gacha creator and the venue fits me very well.  Since I am there before the masses -- even the bloggers, I have the opportunity to pick up some of the group gifts. So I am showing you a bit of my bounty.

Everything but my hair is a November gift.  There are plenty of folks not set up yet as I type this, so who knows what other wonderful items may appear.

Later:  I did a last minute round at the venue and picked up some more stunning gifts.   Now I am not going to list all the creators simply because you will want to pick up everything and choose your own favorites. This is just to let you know that it is an extremely good round this November -- so don't miss out.

This is my personal fav of the gifts. What can I say? I am a quirky gal.

Go forth, gather and play those machines.

My  top pose is from Helamiyo and NOT at Gacha Garden, but it is a gift and you can find it at the main store here with a wall of dollarbie poses It is a Victory pose  to celebrate her first Bento pose. I really get that as I spent much of last week wandering around (yet again) in clothes creation. Unfortunately I have no victory pose, but I do have a better understanding of the process and that is a plus.


Pose by: Helamiyo

A Country Fall

A Country Fall

Out exploring on a love misty afternoon, the countryside my locale of choice and not an unusual one.

From MEVA at Pocket Gacha, the Shara set with five calm almost neutral tones of dress, both brown and black accent accessories.  Maitreya fit.


Pose by: Di's Opera

Timeless Echos

Timeless Echoes

There are some designs that are timeless. They take their roots from the past and flow into the present. Two new releases fit this description -- make that three; no four.

While there are clear references to styles from decades ago, the Hilly Haalan  Gaynor Dress (Cosmopolitan) wouldn't have been at home in a WWII era office. Way too much leg!  But today? And tomorrow? Who is to say what will be "acceptable dress code" --- especially with women bosses :D.

This one piece suit comes in either patterns or plains with hud for Maitreya and Slink.

Purse: Baiastice Klum Bag Black

Inspiration for the Trompe Loeil Vivienne Craftsman Cottage (four colors with coordinating outdoor fireplace and patio) are tied to a previous era -- a style that has never gone out of style.  This new release can be found at Uber.

The  Dinorah necklace from Kunglers is perfect for low necked classics, suits or ball gowns. Find it at The Trunk Show.

I have been wearing the new amais Oxana skin for a few days now. This is the medium tone which is my norm, but the ivory version is especially fitting for this spooky season. The skin comes sans makeup for a natural tomboy look and is easily enhanced with makeups.  I love that the skin comes without bright colors or harsh eyeliners; it let's me choose what level of makeup I want to show. No interference!

Find this new release at Cosmopolitan.

Poses by: grafica

Solitary Beaches

Solitary Beaches

As winter approaches Northern beaches become abandoned when the cold winds move in. But happily we have cool or warm, sunny or gray sandy landscapes simply based on our Windlight settings. Can't ask for better than that.

From Elegance Boutique at Cosmopolitan, the Ruffle  Shirt with accompany skirt. There is also a version of the top sans ruffle for minimalist gals. There are SO VERY MANY choices of colors and patterns in these set (three in a pack for the tops and two for the skirts) that it will likely be difficult to find your favorites.

Belleza, Maitreya and Slink fits.

The (Kunglers) Nicky bracelets, this in Peridot can be at home in casual settings or as a dressy accompaniment to your more formal attire. Plenty of color choices.  Also at Cosmopolitan.

Hair: Wasabi Pills Cleo

Poses by: aDORKable

A Homey Fall

Gray skies and inches of rain, it's time to wrap yourself in comfy attire and bake some pies and cupcakes!

From Stories&Co. for N21, cuddly sweatshirts. The Delilah Sweatshirts come with a choice of two huds  with Maitreya and Slink fits.

And if the "comfort" part of comfortable is utmost in your mind, you will want to check out the new instore release at MYNX. With lots of fun patterns and fits for most mesh bodies, these Pajama Pants are sure to be a hit when you simply want to get out of fashionista mode and relax. Flat feet only :D.

You will certainly need something to store your dishes and bakeware in and Sway's [Judith] China Cabinet fits the bill. A variety of finishes as well as filled versions and an empty give your lots of choices. A dish menu let's you change the textures on dishes and canisters. Find this new release at Shiny Shabby.

No kitchen is complete without plenty of kitchen clutter. You can pick up a variety of homey goodness at The Epiphany. Just head over to the Second Spaces booth and try your luck at the big Modern Farmhouse gacha.

This is my personal favorite of the set, the cookbook with rolling pins.


Pose by: Exposuer

Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt - My Picks

Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt
Stitched Tunic and Peaches Coffen
A new hunt just opened, Once Upon a Nightmare from The Epiphany folks. The theme is seasonal with lots of ghoulish gifts as well as some that can crossover into other times. Here are a few of my favorites.

I need to be fair here. This is a big hunt and with time at a premium I perused the prize photos before heading out hunting. There are items out for particular bodies of course and so not everything will work for everyone. Some lovely items can be found in this hunt which is a great thing to be able to say as we all know how hunts have deteriorated in general over the last few years.

I do have one pesky peeve. The hud has tiny buttons with fancy text and takes up about a third of my 2560 resolution screen. I really needed to remove the hud EACH time I went to a new spot in order to be able to -- well HUNT - LOL.  Hence I no doubt missed some great things along the way.

But here are a few to get you excited.

An Umbrella gift from deviousMind, the Spider Parasol which comes in both black and white.   My outfit is a companion store release, Widow which comes in Black Widow and White Widow versions; Hourglass and Lara fits. The complete set includes MANY more spiders.

Many Many more spiders -- with me not a spider gal. I LOVE the spiderweb skirt and flowing webs off the umbrella, but those little (or sometimes big) arachnids and I are not sempatico.

Spider pasties are included but I opted for some coverage from my Lakshimi hair, Wren.

[Top Photo Info]

A very nice role play outfit for the guys can be found easily (see the hint on the blog) at Stitched. This comes with a cape option and also in a dark tan color. It is made for the Gianni body but fit my Exmachina Davide very well. A tiny place in the back neck was off but long hair (very fitting) works nicely.

I also want you to know there there has been an update for Davide (and another in the works) and those pesky scripting issues appear to be a thing of the past. So if you tried a demo before and got aggravated, now is a good time to venture over and pick up a new version.

The very classy coffin is from Peaches.

Over at DDD you can find a nicely detailed set of aging skulls. We ALL need a set of those, don't we?

Not scary but definitely beautifully made (works for me!) this Drying Star from Kres.  (Kinda tricky to find ^^.)

Rounding out my report, these very nice earrings with metal changing hud and both engraved and plain versions are from OXIDE.

Go forth. Find great things!

As a caveat, quite a few of the photos on the hunt listings are confusing or misleading so you may not end up hunting for what you THINK you are hunting for. 

Poses by: Vista Animations, Diesel Works,  Beehive

Halloween Challenges - Monday Meme

scare me silly

I really hadn't planned on doing the Monday Meme this week. My mind has been on other projects. But there is also a photo contest going on for the current Team Diabetes event which I am taking part in.  So put the two together and it seemed like a viable few hours === and it was fun too.

I had the great succubus outfit from deviousMind as a starting place. I already had hair from the previous posting. Somewhere along they way parts of the outfit disappeared; but never fear, I save "odd things" from long ago and had a big choice of horns.

I also had a new skin from amais at Cosmopolitan and switched to pale mode from medium. I really like these skins and have been wearing them constantly for several months.  In this case I chose the no eyebrow version which seemed appropriate and added some wickedly seductive makeup from alaskametro (currently at On9

I didn't have any guy friends (necessary for the succubus part of the equation) that had Bento heads. Actually now that I am done, I remembered one, but hey. So I sent an old emote hud to a friend with a legacy head and he filled in. Some artful vignette filters and all is well.

My poses are beyond antique but worked quite well. It was fun putting together a story.

Poses by: Posemaster [nla]

Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring

Whether you are deep in Spring mode or simply dreaming out the first crocuses to emerge, there is a stunning jumpsuit to be had for Hello Tuesday.

The Seniha Isabella Jumpsuit offers plenty of solids and prints to mix and match as you mood dictated. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

From TUKINOWAGUMA at Cosmopolitan, Necke -- a casual over the shoulder braid.

You can find these very pretty Ionna bangles at the Kunglers booth at Shiny Shabby. A variety of colors are available including wood.

Poses by: an lar and Wetcat

City Streets

City Streets 1

All dressed up in ho-wear, I ventured back to my old stomping grounds to find that the Red Light district was no more. How can that be? After a nice OOC chat with a new arrival I moved on to my historical place of choice for all things dark and mysterious, Toxian City.

Now my garments of themselves are not all that "ho" but by the time I got my look together I was feeling pretty "lady of the night" as my mum used to say :D.

All fine quality items no matter how you style your wardrobe.

Kaithleen's Crop Fur Coat at Tres Chic

Dahlia - Madison - Choker at Tres Chic (some great looking earrings currently hidden by hair are also available so don't miss those!

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Sarina" at Tres Chic

City Streets 2

If you missed these beautifully detailed boots at Cosmopolitan, check the main store of  **UTOPIA@Design** - "LEXI" come with color change hud. Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits.

Ducknipple: WonderBra
Makeup: alaskametro

Poses by: Everglow and Diesel Works